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Yunjae Couple Rings

Shall we start with the old couple rings that the fans gave to YunJae?? ^_
The recent couple ring of JaeJoongie 

The recent couple ring of Uknow Yunnie
Zoom-up to Uknow Yunnie’s rings….the rings are called ‘LOVE’ Collection by Cartier

He always wears them
The 1st ring is from “Love collection” it is called ‘Marriage Ring’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Another ring is the double ring from the same collection….”Love secret” (the double ring is hidden inside so it’s a SECRET)
The quality of this double ring is…..the ring can be adjusted 90degrees and can be adapted as a pendent with the necklace

JaeJoong’s ring is silver-white and it’s from the same collection
From the Love secret collection which contains white double ring
Why does JaeJoong wear the ring on his wedding finger and YunHo wears it on his pinky finger? The answer is both rings are different-sized!!!!!!!!!!

Yunho’s right hand and JaeJoong’s left hand….and the different “Love’s secret” rings

Sorry for people who read this post already. I just love this couple that’s all
credit: Jaejoong_My_love* +yuibkk [translation]
  YUNJAE 2006 in

YunJae moment #23 "Hero & Uknow's gift & pretty hands"

there are another Yunjae couple rings ;

 Yunjae couple rings in 2006


bossa nova YUNJAE ring – scared

do u knw how much it cost?
7875 yen!!! n there’ sentence curved on it
“Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.” – something important is invisible to the naked eye/source: SIAMZONE
- YunHo not know if you will respond on this, but I have to ask.- MC¹.

- Ask.
- This last week, some people are talking about some pictures of you with a ring like the ring of Kim JaeJoong, then that maybe this is at your finger. - The crowd screams. - These rings has to do with one another? - Question MC ¹.
- Yes - The audience and all who heard it scream and are shocked .- I gave him.
- Hmm .. and for what? The ring has any meaning?-MC ².
- At the does store had, but after I bought and gave to him and now we’re both using have.
- It…. it is a ring dating? Compromise? - MC ².
- Yes - More screams. - We are lovers for years, and this is not the first ring dating. - YunHo talks a little shy.
- This is all really? MC-¹.
- Yes, of course.
You can found the vid of Jaejoong kissing  this couple ring during JYJ worldtour concert in Gwangju
 2011 in you tube.

Jaejoong wears lady ring and Yunho wears the ring for man

Jae show off his ring so that you can see it clearly because some Yunjae haters said it was not that ring that Yunjae shipper gossiping, 2012 and 2010

  these pics and article were from: FYYJ tumbler, credit as tagged

So there are something can be make some sense:

1. KJJ (seems like) wore a female engagement ring which is one of Honeymoon Cartier series
2.. Cartier is the only accessories brand that was adored by Jung Yunho
3. The Honeymoon ring (as @arinasom grandmama told) only sell in US, France, UK., and as we all know JYH were at France and US for SM concert
5. On 9th June,.....JYH went to LV store in Paris ( and the Cartier store is just nearby) this is the pic:
7. On 8th June, YJ were at the same airport ( Incheon) and the time is so near. KJJ tweeted: I am happy and JYH was happy too, he was smiling all the time ( very different from the earlier day, when he looked super upset =_=)
Seems like YJ really had some sweet time on 8th June,...right,....may be a promise before he bought the ring here^O^????

    And these are another pics of YJ couple ring:




The real fact when Yunjae Shippers did research they found that the boys had signed up with VERITE jewelers, but fact that Yunjae were still caught wearing the Cartier rings even after the contract was signed was what had made fans suspicious of the rings.

 And now even DBSK has split into JYJ and TVXQ Homin, the boys still caught wearing the Cartier rings. 

I just found this pic, around by the end of April and early May 2012, so Yunjae have new couple ring? make sure you check this link next time , because every time I get new pic of YJ couple ring I will added in this post.
Jaejoong in May 2012 for nintendo comercial and Yunho, 30 April 2012 for showcase I AM

 Jaejoong is spoted in  08/08/2012, attends the premiere of ‘R2B: Return to Base wearing YJ couple ring., Actually both Yunho and Jaejoong are in VIP list invitation, but  we can see only Jaejoong, of course it is impossible Yunjae meet here, there will be a big scream if  Yunjae meet in public happened.
apparently this not so clear pic is the newest YJ couple rings? I hope I will get clearer pic of these rings.
 Pic of Jaejoong above was taken during Dr. Jin Wrap Up Party
These are newest Yunjae couple ring I've got from fb n other sources such as boboyunjae 2012 early October ;

this ring is in this video;

We can crown Joongie as The Lord of The Rings? these are the facts;
Jaejoong loves rings so much even since he was a baby, so  little Joongie fair silky milky glowing white skin looked more glam with those golden rings.

 Teen Joongie is a camwhore no matterwhere no matter how even public internet booth didn't matter, look at his finger! He was born as a seductive sexy glam celebrity.

yeah, I'm gonna rock the world!

 I don't own these pics
 credit to the owner as tagged

source; Yunjaes tumblr, FYYJ tumblr and many other sources

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