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Brooke Shields, Beautiful Super Model 1

 Brooke Shields is a supermodel and a TV and movie actress. She first came to fame in the movie "The Blue Lagoon". She also starred in her own sitcom "Suddenly Susan" (which she got because she did so well on "Friends" as Joey's stalker).

She is currently doing some stage work.

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1978  April 05

Pretty Baby

A preteen Shields plays a prostitute in Louis Malle'sPretty Baby. The controversial film's most shocking moment: a nude scene of 12-year-old Shields, which is cut from many releases. Despite the adult content, Shields is glad she accepted the role. "There was no sense of debauchery, or there was nothing sort of dirty about the way the story was told," she tells NPR in 2005. "I don't think any of us ever really questioned it, and I still don't question it."
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September 1981

Nude Photo Scandal

Shields attempts to block nude photos taken of her at 10 by photographer Garry Gross (Her mother Teri signed the release of the photos). A judge dismisses the case, adding, "Much of the success and the difficulty of [Shields'] dual image of illusion and reality must be attributed to her mother." Seven months later, however, an appellate judge bars Gross from using the photos commercially, asserting that Shields is "a hapless victim of a contract...to which two grasping adults bound her." But by March 1983, Gross finally wins the right to sell the photos.

Brooke Shields
mother Teri).

A Model Co-ed

Shields studies French Literature at Princeton University, where many Ivy Leaguers think of her as a celebrity getting a free ride. But her grades silence any skeptics. "Three [students] got A's, and I was one of them. They post grades at Princeton, so everyone saw it, and it gave me credibility," she tells PEOPLE. "After that everyone wanted my notes." Shields graduates with honors in 1987 with a Bachelor of Arts (pictured with her 
beautiful brooke - brooke-shields photo

beautiful brooke - brooke-shields photo

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Brooke Shields
1997 April 19

Shields Marries Agassi

Wearing an ivory Heidi Weisel gown and a 16-foot-long antique lace veil, Shields marries Agassi at a California resort. More than 150 guests – including Judd Nelson, Nastassja Kinski and Chris O'Donnell – watch as Shields and Agassi tearfully exchange their vows. The marriage lasts less than two years, with the couple eventually getting an annulment. "We have the utmost love and respect for each other," they say in a statement, "and will remain the best of friends."

Brooke Shields

Moving On with Chris Henchy 

Shields begins dating TV writer Chris Henchy (left), whose proposal she accepts in July 2000. Eight months later, in a surprise ceremony on Catalina Island, the couple weds. After exchanging vows, theythrow a bigger wedding in front of 75 guests the following month. "It all fell into place at the last minute," Shields tells PEOPLE. "It was absolutely perfect."
Brooke Shields

2003 May 15

A Baby for Brooke

After seven in vitro fertilization attempts – and one miscarriage – Shields, 37, and Henchy, 38, finally welcome a daughter, Rowan Francis. Three months later, in an interview with PEOPLE, she says the experience helped her "understand the difference between wanting to have a baby and truly wanting to be a mother." Unknown to anyone but her husband, Shields is harboring a secret that she isn't ready to share: she is being treated for postpartum depression.
Brooke Shields

May 03

Battling Postpartum...

Shields writes Down Came The Rain: My JourneyThrough Postpartum Depression, which is a candid look at the struggles she faced after the birth of Rowan. "During what was becoming one of the darkest points in my life, I sat holding my newborn and could not avoid the image of her flying through the air and hitting the wall in front of me," she writes. In the book, Shields claims that the antidepressant Paxil helped her recover from the depression. 
Brooke Shields
May 24

...And Cruise

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Scientologist movie star Tom Cruise blasts Shields for using Paxil to combat her postpartum depression. He suggests that women instead take "vitamins and exercise," and warns that Shields' advice is "irresponsible." In an editorial for the New York Times, Shields fires back: "I'm going to take a wild guess and say that Mr. Cruise has never suffered from postpartum depression. Comments like those made by Tom Cruise are a disservice to mothers everywhere." After the well-publicized debacle, Cruise apologizes, and they become friends.
Brooke Shields
2006 April 18

Bye Bye Baby Blues

Shields and Henchy welcome thei second daughter, Grier Hammond, on the same day and in the same hospital where Katie Holmes welcomes Suri Cruise. Although Shields is prepared to take antidepressants, she soon discovers that she has no postpartum depression. "This was nothing like the first one," she tells PEOPLE. "It's as close to Norman Rockwell as possible."
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