Minggu, 06 Mei 2012

Snapshot Pics of Yunjae Airport Fashion


 A fans of Yunho said sarcasm to Jaejoong  making Jaejoong scare to death and look what Yunho reaction? send her death glare for 30sec and another fans of Yunho told got surprised by Yunho's reaction.

Jae looked so shy or may be scared of the crowd

Jae looked so pale but still pretty without make up or may be jetlag

Jaeoong seemed feel freeze.

A fans approach JJ but all members seemed shocks seeing the crowd went crazy and didn't  realize JJ got scared
JJ began nervous and Yunho's eyes was in full alert.

During this time the crowds is so uncontrolled and Yunho have to protect Jaejoong from scary crazy fans. Yunho is kind of Jae's personal bodyguard, his eyes always full alert.

 Yunho has to push hard these girls away, this scene was hapened very fast; you can watch this vid in you tube, slow motion this then you can notice it.

These are another Jaejoong and Yunho airport fashion

and spazz 

I don't own all this pics, credit to the owner as tagged

source; Yunjaes tumblr, facebook and many sources.

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